OCD treatment has always been about, “management” of the compulsions. But now there is new hope for a total cure! Mayo Clinic is performing Deep Brain Stimulation for those with severe OCD.

DBS is an old school procedure with a new application. It has been used for Parkinson’s patients with measurable success. It’s a surgical procedure which involves the implantation of an electrical wire that disrupts the abnormal brain activity.

It’s a last resort, for those who have tried Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Medications without success.

Severe OCD is a 24 hour consummation of daily life. Every moment of the day, obsessions coming from the brain intrude into mind, triggering progressive anxiety only relieved by performing a compulsion, temporarily relieving the anxiety until the next obsessive thought comes barging in.

These obsessions are hungry for compulsions, the more compulsions its being fed, the hungrier it gets, the bigger it gets. Obsessions are seemingly insatiable.

Starving these obsessions are the best way to diminish them.

My blood pressure has been fluctuating between 120/90 to 145/100. Likely due to my anxiety. I notice when my Obsessions and worries about the future consume my mind then I start to get headaches and my blood pressure tends to skyrocket. 

Gotta get my OCD, anxiety, and fear in check. Heart disease is no joke.